Welcome to AustinGenSig.com

What is the Austin Genealogy SIG?

Special Interest Group (SIG) is a community of individuals with a particular interest in a specific subject, topic or discipline. Members of a SIG cooperate to produce solutions within their particular area of shared interests.

The AustinGenSig differs from a Genealogical, Historical or Lineage Society in that we don’t have libraries containing large collections, sponsor research seminars and foreign trips, or publish journals as some do; we instead concentrate on working as a team, helping each other solve our research problems and learning how to use all the technical tools at our disposal to help us find the information we are searching for.

One of those tools is the internet, and while the internet is one of the many tools we employ; in-and-of-it-self, it contains no information but instead, links us to the sources of information we need. And those sources are expanding exponentially, even as we speak.

As I said, the internet is not the only tool; in fact it is not even the most powerful tool at our disposal. Nor is the computer, another tool we use to access the internet, compile data and turn it into information. No, the most powerful tool is our god-given intellect, and we use it to drive all our efforts to reach our goals; we use it to identify what we need, plan how we are going to find it and what tools we need to use.

Come join us as we learn together.